Danaos Corporation recognizes the vital role of human factors integration in ensuring that the fleet is operated by qualified, competent and medically fit seafarers who can perform their duties efficiently, safely and reliably.

We have developed specific procedures for the recruitment and training of both on-board and on-shore personnel, in accordance with national and international requirements.

Danaos implements a comprehensive human resource training program tailored to specific objectives:

   •  Familiarisation and appraisal period for all new or transferred personnel.

   •  Instructions in a language understood by personnel.

   •  Familiarisation with critical safety and pollution prevention requirements.

   •  Understanding of rules, regulations, codes and guidelines relevant to seafarers' rank and duties.

   •  Overlap period ensuring Masters and Ch. Engineers are fully conversant with vessel particulars.

   •  Ongoing seafarer performance evaluation and record.

   •  Adequate academic and professional background, according to position, of on-shore personnel.

   •  Full records of personnel details.

   •  Personal advancement, qualification and education incentives.

   •  Industry trend awareness in operational, safety and environmental functions.

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