The primary objectives of Danaos Corporation are to grow the business, increase earnings and maximize value for our shareholders by pursuing the following strategies:

   •  Provide a high level of customer service.

   •  Maintain a diverse portfolio of charters.

   •  Actively acquire newly built and secondhand vessels.

   •  Continue to invest in larger containerships and deploy them under long-term charters.

High level of customer service

We focus on being a high-quality, cost-efficient provider of ships and vessel services allowing customers to offer integrated logistics solutions in the marketplace. As a preferred supplier to many charterers, we are committed to customer service and technological leadership.

Charter portfolio diversity

We maintain a portfolio of time charters that is highly diverse from a customer, location and maturity perspective. This approach reduces our revenue concentration, minimizes our exposure to any one customer and allows us to recharter vessels at any time in the charter market cycle.

Newbuilding and secondhand vessel acquisitions

We carefully position ourselves to take advantage of growth in the industry and retain significant financial flexibility to pursue growth through additional selective acquisitions. Our manager's reputation and long history as a leading ship operator presents us as an attractive provider to liner companies.

Investment in larger containerships

We believe that larger containerships are more attractive to customers because these vessels allow economies of scale and constitute the core of the fleet of liner services. Additional benefits include longer-term stable cash flows and reduced residual vessel value exposure.

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