A distinctive requirement for success in the containership business is a proven track record of quality service. Danaos Corporation, one of the world's largest containership charter owners, operates a high-quality fleet with a reputation for excellence.

Our strategy is wide-ranging and stringently applied:

   •  Consistent focus on cost-efficient quality shipping services, allowing our customers to offer in turn integrated logistics solutions.

   •  Dedicated environmental awareness and pro-active prevention measures.

   •  Pro-active application of international standards and regulations both on-shore and at sea.

   •  Promotion of our status of preferred carrier with charterers.

   •  Direct selection and employment of seafarers.

   •  Investment in training facilities.

   •  Investment in advanced technology and highly reliable infrastructure.

   •  Investment in reliability with scheduled maintenance programs and permanent inspection systems.

   •  Investment in large, modern vessels allowing economies of scale.

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